ajai poovadan



A Cinematic video Animation done with Lumion 9,unlocking the potentiality of Lumion software rather than typical Architectural rendering. #lumion9.5 #jralli #ajaipoovadan #soundbyastro # lumion8 #3dsmax #cinematicanimation微信免费红包群二维码 Lots of effort to create 'Lumion 9 Cinematic Animation - 'Uncaptured'', rendered in a single i9 PC paired with a GTX 1070ti graphics card + Inspiration from JR alli + sleepless nights + several cups of coffee,hope everybody will enjoy it. Please feel free to share,comment and give a thumbs up and never hesitate to ask any questions and Query regarding this animation. I really appreciate your inputs. Music: Astro - "Synergy" https://soundcloud.com/soundbyastro https://twitter.com/soundbyastro Follow ME: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ajai_poovadan/ Note: Use headphones for better Audio effects.This video is created in 21:9 ratio, try to watch in 21:9 ultra wide screen for immersive Experience. My previous Lumion Cinematic video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEhmP...

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